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The Department of English Language and Literature was one of the first departments established at Çankaya University. The undergraduate curriculum in English Language and Literature has been designed in accordance with the contemporary developments in literary studies particularly in the Western World.

The undergraduate program, through a critical and analytical study of major English, American, and other authors, helps students achieve a mature understanding of themselves and the world, write clearly and persuasively, reason soundly, and express themselves intelligently in English. The program provides a solid foundation in English literature and culture as well as in critical thinking and intellectual growth.

The department curriculum encompasses the analysis and discussion of various literary genres and types; the origins and characteristics of classical mythology; literary terms and movements; Old and Middle English literature; the Renaissance; the Romantic Period; the Victorian Age; the English Novel; English Drama; English social, economic, political and cultural history; American history and culture; world literature; and the theory and practice of criticism.

Apart from department courses, students will be able to take elective courses from a wide range of subjects offered by other departments of the University, such as computer programming, foreign language, and the fine arts. Students interested in teaching may take the courses leading to the English Language Teaching Certificate. Graduates of this program are entitled to become teachers at schools (the students are required to get a Teaching Certificate from another university that has a Faculty of Education), instructors at universities, translators in public and private sectors, and also to follow M.A. and Ph.D. programs in related areas. They may also be employed as guides in the tourism sector.