The Double Major Program in English Language and Literature


This program has been designed to enable students with strong interests in literature and another field to pursue two undergraduate degrees, in consultation with the departments. For the double major, a student is required to complete both the stipulated courses in the B.A. program in English Language and Literature, and those stipulated for fulfilling bachelor’s degree requirements in the other department.

The 14 core courses required by the Department of English Language and Literature for students in the Double Major Program are:

ELL 131 Introduction to Literature I
ELL 132 Introduction to Literature II
ELL 237 Concepts in Culture
ELL 282 Medieval and Early Modern Literature
ELL 341 Drama I
ELL 344 Shakespeare
ELL 362 19th-Century Fiction
ELL 374 19th-Century Poetry
ELL 381 18th-Century Literature
ELL 391 Literary Theory I
ELL 392 Literary Theory II
ELL 442 Drama II
ELL 467 20th-Century Fiction
ELL 471 20th-Century Poetry